is a growing business providing fencing and environmental services throughout the Riverina, Southern NSW and North Eastern Victoria.

Our contracting services include:

  • Rural fencing on large scale farms, lifestyle properties and subdivisions
  • Security and commercial fencing
  • Largescale project fencing
  • Equine fencing
  • Post driving or post hole digging
  • End assembly and metal fabrication
  • Obsolete fence removal
  • Trenching for stock and domestic water pipelines
  • Farm clean ups with tipper trailer and skid steer loader
  • Environmental services including revegetation projects, tree planting and site preparation. 

We provide services for a range of clients including primary producers, local landholders, corporate and government organisations. 

Occupational Health and Safety

AG FENCE and AG FENCE ENVIRO are compliant with current WHS legislation and can provide SWMS and insurance certificates prior to commencement of projects.


Ag Fence constructs a diverse range of rural fencing including;

  • Hinged joint and ring lock 
  • Plain wire and barb wire
  • Feral exclusion fencing
  • Equine fencing
  • Incorporation of steel star pickets, maxi posts, timber or concrete posts
  • Electric fencing
  • All styles of end assemblies, gateways and entrances
  • Obsolete fence removal and disposal

We have adopted the latest fencing technology within our business to ensure our fences are erected to the highest standard and projects are completed in short timeframes.


Ag Fence constructs a range of security and commercial fencing options including standard chain mesh security fencing, tubular security fencing and bollard fencing for vehicle or pedestrian exclusion.


Ag Fence provides trenching services for installation of stock and domestic poly pipelines. Our trenches are clean allowing for efficient laying of poly pipe and backfilling of the trench.

AGFENCE ENVIRO has a dedicated team providing a range of environmental services throughout North East Victoria and Southern NSW. Our range of environmental services include;

  • Revegetation projects including tree, shrub and grass planting
  • Planting of all tree sizes from tube stock to mature trees
  • Forestry planting including radiata pine.
  • Site preparation including weed spraying, slashing and rip lines
  • Providing advice on plant selection and suitability of revegetation sites
  • Erosion control services including installation of jute erosion control matting

For environmental enquiries please contact Project Manager Doug Aplin on 0417 236 269 or email doug@agfence.com.au


Albury Depot: 255 Burma Rd, Table Top NSW 2640

Hay Depot: Lot 6 Mid Western Highway, Hay NSW 2711

Ben Symons: Mobile 0405 523 662 / Email ben@agfence.com.au